About Us

About Us

Körükçü company has adapted to modern production techniques and developed rapidly since the day it started operating.

Our company, acting with the working principle to provide the necessary response to all the needs of our customers regardless of product variety and size, manufactures all kinds of fabric bellows and also provides services in aluminum pallet systems, slide scrapers and telescopic bellows.

The Körükçü company, together with its team that has mastered modern production techniques, continues its production activities with high precision and completely German technical textile product fabrics in its production facility equipped with the latest technology machines.

Its presence in all industrial zones with its wide service and reference network raises the value of the Körükçü brand.

It has become our company policy to know every machine that is our field of work and to make our designs according to the requirements. Every experience we gain is a step forward that will take our brand forward.

Unlimited shapes and dimensions, after-sales technical follow-up and support, and service fit for purpose are the basic quality priorities of Körükçü.